Founded in 2001, Dongguan ZhongGu Hardware Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer specializing in the Global supply of CNC machined products, turning parts, standard screws, non-standard screws and different kinds of special screws, etc.

  All of the products are widely used in the medical ,instrumentation ,aerospace, maritime, microwave, electronics, and chemical equipment industries.

  We are committed to provide you with Global solutions to meet or exceed our customer's expectations in customer service, quality, value, and delivery. Because we have a professional team, so we can ensure manufacture to customer specifications and close tolerances. In addition, Adopt advanced production techniques, Standard operation process and strict quality control, 24/7 customer services to solve customers’ problem .

  We have new imported production equipment and spacious storage space. We have a group of skilled workers who have worked for more than 10 years. Their production experience is very rich and their skills are very skilled. Therefore, we have enough ability to meet the customer's requirements for delivery and quality. We have enough funds to ensure the normal operation of the factory.